Red Bears

Sleep Problems and Coping Skills

Coping Mechanisms for Children

Parents are unaware of the effects of sleep related problems in children as well as other common medical abnormalities. This site will help adults and children learn to cope with the medical issues and help children of young ages understand how and how these things are happening. It will be a resource for the families to learn and grow together. read more

Informational resource for parents and children

You will find numerous articles and other important information resources on sleep studies throughout this site for parents and children. It will help children learn to cope with real life situations. read more

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An image placeholder was used in this layout in the header where you'll likely want to place a logo. It is recommended that you remove the placeholder and replace it with your own linked logo.There will be more informational games on how to position the electrodes on red bears, which will describe how each on is needed to be used. C3, C4, CZ, F3, F4, 01, 02, A1, A2. A1 &A2 should be M1 & M2 instead they go behind the ears we will need one called E2 that goes beside the right eye but up a bit higher

E1 will go by the left eye but slightly lower than the one chin lead that is in the chin below the lip and one underneath the chin, one on the forehead towards the hair line called the ground lead, a mustache type lead under the nose called the flow lead, and a cannula in the nose called the ptaf or pressure transducer.

Two wires will go on each leg beside each other on the outer calf muscle, one belt goes over the breast are and the other belt near the stomach around the belly button. Both pictures of cannulas are worn at the same time the second one can be a piece of tape with two tiny lips that stick up in front of the nostrils. There is a girl pic hooked up I want the bear without the tape covering the electrodes.